Welcome to Insight - York’s Data Warehouse

Insight - York’s Data Warehouse is being developed as part of the University’s efforts to enhance access to information for management and decision-making, in support of the University’s Information Management and Access Strategy.
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Use your passport york username and password.

Browser Compatibility

Insight Data Warehouse currently supports the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox versions 13+
  • Google Chrome versions 19+
  • Internet Explorer up to versions 9, 10, 11

If you have any questions or concerns please submit your issue to UIT Helpdesk or by email to askit@yorku.ca

How do I get access?

Contact your faculty designate for authorization including your passport york ID. Each faculty has an assigned designate to manage access to Insight, who will then co-ordinate with the Insight support team to process the request.

Faculty Designates

Name Designate
AMPD Ron Mitchell
Education Laura Crane
Environmental Studies TBD
Glendon Gilles Thibodeau
Graduate Studies Wesley Moir
Health Renata Gritsyuk
LA&PS Mathew Harper
Lassonde Engineering Amy Gaukel
Osgoode TBD
Schulich Hollis Sinker
Science Susy Ribeiro, Almira Mun-Shimoda