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June 25, 2015: New Admission Dashboard & Reports

Hello As of Monday June 22, there is a new dashboard in Insight - Admission Conversion, this dashboard also includes two new reports. This is located under Dasboards -> Domain_Admission -> 900 -Lifecycle -> Admission Conversion. This dashboard provides a high level overview of the counts from applications, offers, accepts and enrol. Please refer to […]

April 8, 2014: Update on Insight Upgrade: Known Bugs and Fixes

Hello, We are week in with our upgraded Insight environment, and are now in our post-production support phase.  Throughout the week, we have encountered some issues and have done our best to resolve them in order to ensure things continue to run smoothly.  Here is a list of problems that we have encountered, or that […]

April 1, 2014: York University Insight Upgrade Information

Over the past several months, York University UIT has been working on upgrading the Insight Enterprise Data Warehouse system.  This upcoming Wednesday, April 2, we are going live with our newly upgraded system.  This is a major upgrade; it is changing the way Insight looks, and interacts.  The new system has more features that we […]

***** 2014-03-21 System Issue Data Refresh *****

Hello Due to a power outage that was experienced on campus to the data center, unfortunately the data was not refreshed. Data shown in Insight today is as of yesterday (March 19) For further details on the outage please refer to this article

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get access to Insight? A: Please ensure that you have a managers approval and send an email to  with the following: - First & Last name - Department - PPY account -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: I have a concern with Insight, whom can I speak to? A: For any questions or concerns, […]