Welcome to Insight - York’s Data Warehouse

Insight - York’s Data Warehouse is being developed as part of the University’s efforts to enhance access to information for management and decision-making, in support of the University’s Information Management and Access Strategy.
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Browser Compatibility

Insight Data Warehouse currently supports the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox versions 13+
  • Google Chrome versions 19+
  • Internet Explorer up to versions 9, 10, 11

If you have any questions or concerns please submit your issue to UIT Helpdesk or by email to askit@yorku.ca

How do I get access?

Each faculty has a designate assigned to manage access to Insight.  Contact your faculty designate for authorization, who will then co-ordinate with the Insight support team to process the request.

Here are the designates for each faculty:

Name Designate
AMPD Ron Mitchell
Education Laura Crane
Environmental Studies TBD
Glendon Cristina Bregar
Graduate Studies TBD
Health Renata Gritsyuk
LA&PS Mathew Harper
Lassonde Engineering Amy Gaukel
Osgoode TBD
Schulich Melissa Judd
Science Susy Ribeiro, Almira Mun-Shimoda